Clay Court Options

Sprinkler Court


The standard sprinkler clay court has 8 sprinklers that water the top surface of the court. Sprinkler courts are usually watered in the evening or early morning hours to avoid any wind.

Below Surface Irrigation Court 


A court that is watered from below the surface is sometimes called a hydro court. Water is slowly released into cells 5 inches below the top surface. The water is regulated and controlled by simple above ground irrigation boxes. The court is always ready for play with the right amount of moisture in the surface.  The hydro court is firmer than a sprinkler court. The maintenance routine is also different from sprinkler courts.

Red Clay Court


The red clay court can be built as a hydro court or as a sprinkler court. The red surface can play a little slower thus resembling the European slow red courts. The red courts are just as easy to maintain as the green Har-Tru courts.